Trail Running Australia at Kilcunda

Origins of the name VALAAR

Valaar comes from the word valour, to be brave and show great courage. We believe everyone who has a crack at a race is courageous. It’s a weird thing doing something you know will hurt you, and yet we keep showing up for more. Whatever you decide to do, it will take a certain amount of valour, and we applaud that. Valaar also defines our approach to business. We have goals that scare us, but we choose to take that path. To be brave, courageous, and shitting our pants. The exact same feeling you get when you line up to start a trail race. So let’s get this journey started…

Who Created Valaar

Paul Ryan at Surf Coast Century Trail Run Australia

Paul Ryan is the founder of VALAAR, with the vision of creating a platform that serves all of the trail running community – participants, events and trusted experts.

I always found it hard to know what events are like, and what I needed to do to prepare properly. So I created VALAAR, to help people really know what events are like, and then tap into the brilliant people who can help us achieve our goals.

Paul has knocked over a few ultras including UTA100 & 50, Buffalo Stampede, Hounslow, Peaks and Trails to name a few. He’s not fast, just a regular mid-packer with an aim to experience trail running events without killing himself.

Any feedback you have, things you like or don’t, things you would love to see – then please get in touch