hiking and yoga are good for wellbeing

Tips and key resources for staying well when working from home

By Campbell Craig on 06 Mar 2021

Take A Break

I’m sure we all know the productivity and creativity benefits of regular work breaks, however knowing and doing are two different realities. We are all guilty of getting engrossed in a task and not moving for hours until we get screen blind, stiff necks, and aching backs. What can you do? Anything! Choose one from the list below and enjoy the benefits of feeling good, wherever you are.

Randomly RemindMe (Android)

More than just a break. Curated randomness. Quotes, hydration prompts, exercise, everything Awareness (Windows, Mac, iOS)

The sound of a Tibetan singing bowl will remind you that it’s time for a break. How nice Universal Breathing Pranayama (Windows, MacOS, iOS) For those who would like to work on improving their connection to their breath

Stand Up! (iOS) Select movement intervals to suit your work schedule

StandApp (iOS) Reminders for movement breaks

Vidamic UP! (Android) Postural reminders to keep you feeling good

Break Time (Android, iOS) Schedule breaks to stick to

Micro Breaks (Chrome) Breathing exercise prompts, eye strain prompts, exercise and relaxation prompts

Unhook (Android) A great way to impose daily limits on social apps, video streaming, and games

Big Stretch Reminder (Windows) Regular breaks to prevent RSI and boost productivity

F.lux (Windows, MacOS) Adjusts your computer’s display to suit the time of day

EyeLeo (Windows) Relieves eye strain with breaks and exercises every 10 minutes

Eye Care 20, 20, 20 (Android, iOS) Look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Easy

Get Moving

When people say “sitting is the new smoking”, what exactly do they mean? Well, sitting for prolonged periods allows our system to relax, our heart rate slows, our breathing rate goes down and is more shallow, and our circulation to our brain is reduced. This lack of circulation means our blood vessels and brain don’t get a workout and are at increased risk of all sorts of nasty complications such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Yikes! What can you do? Get moving. That’s it. Just a little physical stress of your choice will put some healthy stress through your system to keep you healthy and feeling good. Take your pick. 2 mins every 30 mins, minimum.

Stretching Exercises – Flexibility Training (Android) Regular flexibility training throughout your workday

Stretchly (Windows, MacOS, Linux) Regular work break prompts. “Strict mode” for those of us that keep skipping the prompt

7 Minute Workout (Android, iOS) A whole body strength, fitness and endurance workout in…. 7 minutes

Pocket Yoga (Android, iOS, MacOS) A whole bunch of yoga poses in your pocket

5 Minute Yoga (Android, iOS) 5 minutes of regular practice with quick and easy yoga workouts

Down Dog (Android, iOS) Studio’esque yoga from your lounge room

Yoga for Beginners (Android, iOS) A nice introduction for those curious to try something new

Barre (Android, iOS) Based on ballet, embraced by AFL, great for postural strength and body awareness

HIIT (Android, iOS) High heart rate, brief workouts to make you sweat and puff

Sworkit (Android, iOS) Fitness, strength, yoga, stretching, all done at home

Adidas Training and Running (Android, iOS) Loads of ready-made workouts and the ability to create your own by selecting body parts

Asana Rebel (Android, iOS) A yoga and lifestyle app that includes education on sleep, energy, and productivity

Nike Training Club (Android, iOS) Home workouts built around specific themes, like leaner abs and toning those muscles

Stretching Exercises – Flexibility Training (Android) Regular flexibility training throughout your workday

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Campbell Craig

Campbell Craig

A high performing trail runner, strength coach & exercise physiologist with a passion for applying research into practice. I describe what I do as "the art and science of keeping people moving”. My goal is to keep you moving steadily forwards one run at a time.

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