Birdys Backyard Trail Run

Birdy's Backyard Ultra

Moodiarrup, WA

13 Aug 2021 - 15 Aug 2021


Trail Run

Birdy's Backyard Ultra

An 8’4” Mythical Man once found in the Wilderness of the Great South Western Bushlands of Australia.

When Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra was created, little did Lazarus Lake know at how phenomenal the worldwide following would be to witness runners tackle a 6.71klm loop over and over again until the last one standing.

There is only 1 winner. Everyone else is guaranteed a DNF. A DID NOT FINISH. If you are not at the starting Corral at the start of each hour, every hour, you dnf. Keep going until you drop. A mentally and physically challenging concept like no other. An ultra format like no other.

And yet here we are, our own World Championship affiliated backyard ultra, right here in Western Australia. A 6.71klm loop around Lake Towerinning and respectfully titled after the Mythical legend in Big Birdy.

Welcome to Birdy’s Backyard Ultra.

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When: 13 Aug - 10:00:00

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Trail Run



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Course Terrain: Mixed

Run So 6.71k isn't really that far hey. And when you have 1hr to complete it, it really is quite the achievable distance. You don't need to be a super fast speedy gazelle to knock off the 6.71k loop so this event style is open so anyone that is capable of a steady pace whether is a fast walk, a jog or a runner. You have you distance, you calculate your speed...

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Moodiarrup, WA
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