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Trail Running Photography: Adventurers of The Eventurers #1

By The Eventurers on 09 Mar 2021

No matter what the distance, every runner deserves to celebrate their success with a photo!

“Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. Dr Seuss

Well here we go. (usually what we say at the start of an adventure). We have decided to document what we go through to achieve our photography. Be it trail running, portraits or just capturing a moment in time. Here is the first one.

George Bass Coastal walk: Kilcunda, Victoria, Australia.


1.Reconnaissance for Running Wild Event 7 Feb 2021 Kilcunda Half Marathon, George Bass 17 and 8 km Coastal Run. 2. Day out together on a beautiful part of Gippsland. Location: Kilcunda Bass Coast Located only 90 minutes from Melbourne on the Bass Highway.

kilcunda trail run beach photo

Why do a reconnaissance?

We were told once ,”capture the photo that you would want to frame and put on your wall” . The ultimate goal. The WOW factor. Doing a recon helps get toward that. Having two sets of eyes and ideas also helps. So a reconnaissance we believe is important. Over our time (nearly 5 years now) we have found that doing a recon is invaluable. We visit the location of the runs which enables us to calculate where we can get the best photo of the runner . Our aim is to showcase what trail running is about, to capture the runner in their element and the beautiful surrounds in which they run. We aim to capture the human body in motion, at one with nature. So a recon helps us select and bring together our ideas, our aims within the confines of the trail. As there is two of us, this helps figure out locations and bounce ideas back and forward. Plus one of us has to run for the other photographer to test the photo, and repeated a number of times.


We have ideas in our heads when we have been to a location before. In this case we have. So light cameras (Canon) a couple of lenses, Wide angle and longer and spare camera and zoom lens, Spare batteries, spare cards (you never know). Good hiking footwear, sunglasses, Reading glasses. Back pack, snake bite kit, water, hat and lightweight clothing. (forgot Sunscreen and Insect repellent). Ok… all packed. set off at 0930am. Fuel close to home as we did not want to stop anywhere en route (Covid 19). Arrive 1200. Check gear, make changes (Forgot Sunscreen and Insect repellent) off we go. (Note to self 2.5 hours to travel from home).

As this is a photography recon, Ian has a long lens (Bird lens) on and Vee has her 14mm (wide angle lens). It is a beautiful day, sun is shining, not too many people on the trail. We stop regularly to take in the view and discuss ideas on good locations for photos.

Part of our assessment we ask ourselves:

  1. Do trail runners like photos of themselves running up a of a long hill?
  2. Lighting is important eg where is sun in location to runner.
  3. Is this Wall worthy?,
  4. Can we capture the emotion of the runner on this trail?
  5. Can we capture the scenery and a runner at the same time?
  6. Can we do this safely watch out for snake, and other hazards ??

kilcunda trail run

We stop at our usual photography spots and ask ourselves is it time for a change? One new spot is great, except for the very hungry and large mosquitos, (remember we forgot the insect repellent)… . Moved onto the beach looking for THE SPOT. Test a location with the designated runner (IAN) move on to another, look assess and try another location.

kilcunda trail run

kilcunda trail run

We also have to figure out time/s for runners and the different distances. On this event there are three distances. So the longer distance runners go to the beach. The shorter distance runners do not. Thus we decide to split up on the day. Vee past the turn around point for the longer distance. Ian before the turn around point. As photographers we look and see the little and big things, flowers, bugs, sky, ocean. So the adventure is in being and doing without constraints and being able to share. This happened all day.

kilcunda trail run

On the return walk we see the clouds forming , begging us to take a photo or two

kilcunda trail run

Looking at the spots we had chosen on the way in we reassess as we come across another spot, seen from the different angle. Alas it is the Mosquito area. We bounce ideas then come up with a good plan. Vee is the test runner this time. We turn around at Punchbowl beach. Explore the beach some more on the return. Beautiful rock formations and creatures along the trail.

kilcunda trail run

Ian changed cameras and lens for the return trip to get a different perspective.

kilcunda trail run

kilcunda trail run

We stroll out and get back to the car 3 hours after leaving and depart for home, encouraged that we have each decided on our locations to photograph on the day.

Hope you have enjoyed our first adventure of many yet to come. If you have any comments or questions please send them.

We are ‘The Eventurers’. A husband and wife photography team who are enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated Event Photographers.

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